MARBONEX® is the perfect material for a designers who loves to create surprising solutions using light and surfaces. We always try to combine design and function in our creations, without neglecting pure beauty, lightness and the use of full and empty spaces to create bold and precious looks.

The search and the testing that characterize MARBONEX®, market leader in the decorative products, aim to the development and to the definition of new materials and new expressive languages. Our products are of an high technological content realized completely in the factory and in line with the current trends; the greatest strengths that our coverings have, are the lightness, the thermal-insulation and sound-absorbent properties and the aesthetical valence.

MARBONEX® is the pioneer of decorative and architectural products in India. With decades of experience in the industry, the company has added various product categories to offer exclusive design solutions to its customers. Today, we enjoys the reputation of being the only entity in India to offer aesthetical designing solutions to its customers. The foundation pillars of brand are customer satisfaction, product innovation and quality control, making us a prominent name in the industry.

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